I did it!

On Monday when I walked, I realized how glad I was that I had developed some awareness last week about my vision and integration, how my brain is changing right now and how to help my brain change during this transition through my vision exercises and walking.

And in reflecting about my increased awareness, I realized that I had more challenges on my plate this week then had even recognized that I had the week before.

It wasn’t just that I had more tasks to take on as a daughter, but also I needed to figure out how to increase my communication with my siblings and brother and sister-in-law in our collective tasks to help each other work together to help my father.

Previously, and especially with my setback this summer, I have had to limit my communication because I just couldn’t take a lot of input in and process it.  This week, there were a lot of moving parts (people doing different things to help and workmen helping us) and I needed to keep up with all of it and report back and communicate about it.  My brother was in Europe for business and my sister is in California, so that also meant trying to figure out a way to communicate that I could manage to do.   And I was the child here in Austin, and so these tasks fell to me.  I was able to do it!

I also needed to continue to manage my son’s transition in kindergarten which has been tough for me and for him.

And the Knowbility Open Air Rally kick-off was set to start.   On Thursday, my husband and I were in introduced to my adviser and my team that will help me make my website accessible.   More on that later.

In short, this week, I had to be able to take in a lot more information and organize it then I have been able to.

And, at the end of the week, I want to report that I was able to do all this.

My brain was able to do things I have previously been unable to do post-injury, thanks to the neuroplasticity I have had in the last several weeks.

I managed and I manged  it well.

I also managed my stress around all this change well.  I got sleep and rest when I needed it and exercise.

And I was able to clear out everything else that didn’t need to get done this week and that means prioritizing on a day to day basis.

My brain is changing as a result of my hard work to facilitate its growth and change.

I did it!

More details on how this happened, what is actually happening in my brain and why this is so tremendously exciting when I am have more cognition to tell that story.

As you might imagine, I am tired cognitively.

I have learned not to try to push my cognition when I have pushed it so hard this week.   Time to rest it.



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