I feel hopeful when I practice, practice, practice

I feel hopeful when I practice, practice, practice.

I do.

I wanted to repeat that I feel hopeful when I practice, practice, practice because it is so important to my life.

I didn’t want you to read it so quickly that you missed it.

Just doing this habit makes me hopeful.

I feel hopeful because I know that practice, practice, practice will bring me results.

I do not know when it will bring me results.

What I have learned is that following a habit that will eventually give me results is better than not doing so.

I would rather head down the path of practice, practice, practice to change how my brain works eventually,  than to do nothing differently.

And what I have learned in life is that those are my choices.   Of those two alternatives, I would rather choose the the one that may make tomorrow better than today than the one that won’t.


I suppose my habit of practice, practice, practice is a little like planting seeds and being hopeful that they will take root and grow for the future.





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